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The Power Mixing Courses are an encyclopedia of mixing information broken down into 5 complete courses.

  1. Mixing Workflows
  2. Compression
  3. Equalization
  4. Effects Processing
  5. Automation

These 5 courses are a great supplement to the Mixing Boot Camp! Including: 57 Classes, 440 lessons, 140 hours of content!

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Boot Camp Level I


The Mixing With Mike Boot Camp is a 1 year practice guide in the art of mixing divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter will focus on different aspects of the mixing process utilizing mixing exercises, specialized ear training techniques and deep-dive commercial mix analysis to remove the guesswork from your mixing.

What you'll get:

  • 52 classes divided into 4 quarters
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • Mixing Exercises
  • Speaker Tuning
  • Access to all Multitracks
  • Commercial Productions Analyzed
  • Post your comments or questions for any lesson and have them answered directly by Mike.

Warning: This course may lead to professional sounding mixes!

Q1: Foundations of Mixing

The Foundation of Mixing is embodied in the core elements that are the life blood of a great mix. These elements drive the groove, pace, flow and set the dynamic structure of a song. This quarter focuses on the establishing the primary structure of the mix as a foundation for all other processing work. It will also feature a deep study into your monitoring setup and improving your ability to balance mixes properly.

Q2: Staging and Tonal Balancing

Staging is the process of focusing individual instruments in the front-back sound field. Instruments can be stabilized or pumped into life. Tonal balancing will establish a mood and vibe that is in alignment with the message and meaning of the song. This quarter will teach you how to establish the tonal imprint for a song through a deep study of the modern and vintage tools that will best get you there.

Q3: Creating Space

The most common trait of great mixes is the clear definition of space that invites the listener in to the experience. The size, shape and texture of the space created is dependent on the style of music and the prevailing sentiment of the song. The decisions made in this stage are critical to making the music escape the speakers and enter the environment of the listener.

Q4: Focus, Shape and Finish

The finalization of a mix requires RMS focus work to heighten the detail of each instrument so to enhance all the layers of processing to be their most effective. Automation then weaves together the sectional and transitional elements to the primary tracks. The ultimate goal of this stage is to guide the listener's attention through the experience of the song. The final glue for the mix is processing the Mix Stem and Mix Buss stages in the signal flow. This will prepare the final mix for mastering and release.