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Legacy Mixing and Mastering Courses

The Legacy Lives On!

What you'll get:

  • Basic Mixing Course
  • Advanced Mixing Course
  • Master Mixing Course
  • Basic Mastering Course
  • Advanced Mastering Course

Course Descriptions Below

Basic Mixing Course

The Basic Mixing Course is beginner to intermediate level course designed to teach you a step-by-step mixing process that will work with any style of music. These are the same techniques used by professionals for decades. Each step of the process is explained and demonstrated. You will have access to the very same multitrack used in the class demonstrations.

Advanced Mixing Course

The Advanced Mixing Course expands upon the lessons learned in the Basic Mixing Course by adding advanced mixing techniques to the same process. The information learned here will provide the necessary skills to wield control of every step of the mixing process. The Basic Mixing Course is not a prerequisite for this course.

Master Mixing Course

The Master Mixing Course is specifically designed to hone the skills acquired from the Basic and Advanced Mixing Courses. The lessons learned in this course will define the master mix engineer’s mental and technical approach to the most common problems encountered in the mixing process on an instrument by instrument basis.

Basic Mastering Course

The Basic Mastering Course is a practical guide to mastering in the modern home studio environment. You will learn the skills necessary to master your own mixes and productions, or the work of other producers and artists. This course will teach you mastering specific equalization, compression and spatial imaging techniques as well as maximizing and exporting the final masters for streaming, downloads and CD.

Advanced Mastering Course

The Advanced Mastering Course is a professional level guide to mastering in the modern home studio environment. Building on the skills learned in the Basic Mastering Course, you will learn advanced mastering techniques using mastering grade plugins. Mastering demonstrations are part of every lesson with specific techniques for different styles of music.