Fundamentals of Mixing Course

The Fundamentals of Mixing is a course that was created as part of the Mixing With Mike live online classes. It is designed to present the mindset and approach to mixing and the mixing process. The course includes 34 lessons that detail the process from start to finish including a mastering tutorial at the end.


The Mixing Mindset

This group of lessons discuss the mental approach to mixing.

Lesson 01 Why is Mixing Difficult

Lesson 02 Mix Translation Guide

Lesson 03 Mixing and the 3D Sound Field

Lesson 04 Tools of Mixing

Lesson 05 Secrets of Pro Mixers

Speakers and Monitoring

75% of monitoring problems have to do with simple adjustments to the configuration of your speakers and learning how to tune yourself to them.

Lesson 06 Speakers and Monitoring

Lesson 07 Monitoring and Self Calibration

Setting Up the Song and Multitrack

This phase of the mix process is often overlooked but will establish a flow the rest of the process when the creative juices start flowing.

Lesson 08 Evaluating Tracks

Lesson 09 Session Organization

Lesson 10 Mixing Signal Flow

Lesson 11 Gain Structure of a Mix

Lesson 12 Gain Structure of a Mix

Lesson 13 Mapping Your Mix

Lesson 14 Using Reference Mixes

Starting the Mix

These are the foundational steps for setting up a quality mix.

Lesson 15 Levels and Panning

Lesson 16 Filters and Subtractive EQ

Lesson 17 Functional Compression

Shaping the Tone and Creating Separation

Vintage processors are used to enhance the tonal character and separation of instruments in a mix.

Lesson 18 Vintage Processing

Lesson 19 Assessment and Adjustments

Lesson 20 Spacial Processing

Mixing Vocals

No instrument is more difficult to mix than vocals. Our inherent sensitivity to the human voice creates a bias to getting a quality sound.

Lesson 21 Mixing Lead Vocal

Lesson 22 Mixing BG Vocals

Re-Amping and Mix Adjustments

Re-Amping is a powerful way of shaping the tonal character of guitars and bass.

Lesson 23 Re-Amp Bass & Guitar

Lesson 24 Mix Adjustments


Learn the differences between functional effects (felt not heard) and audible effects that bring emotion to a mix.

Lesson 24 Reverb for Drums, Keys & Vocals

Solidifying the Imaging and Shaping the Flow of the Mix

Establishing the tonal character and shaping the flow of the mix is vital to creating finished professional mix.

Lesson 25 Parallel Processing

Lesson 26 Creative Adjustments

Lesson 27 Automation

Lesson 28 Console Summing

Lesson 29 Multi-Track Tape Saturation

Final Processing and Mastering

This phase of the mix is the final polish for all your hard work.

Lesson 30 Mix Stem Processing

Lesson 31 Mix Buss Processing

Lesson 32 Mix Updates

Lesson 33 Bouncing Mix and Stems

Lesson 34 Mastering



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