Learn the Art of Mixing, Mastering and Music Production From a 33 Year Professional


My name is Michael White, owner and founder of Mixing With Mike. For well over 30 years I have lived the art of audio engineering and music production working with some of the greatest artists in the history of music. What I learned with them is the same information that I am sharing with you.

This website is designed for self motivated audio engineers, artists and producers who are looking for explicitly detailed information on mixing, mastering and music production. 22 Courses, 300 Mixing With Mike classes, 3000 videos, 1000+ hours of video, and 2-4 hours of new content added each week. This is a very active program that continues to grow every week.


Beginner and Advanced Courses

Covering the art of mixing and mastering from beginner to professional level. Learn the professionally proven methods that have been creating hit records for decades.


Live Weekly Online Classes

Attend live online Mixing With Mike classes that feature unrehearsed mixing and mastering demonstrations, plugin reviews and career building advice.


3 Membership Levels

Purchase individual courses or bundle them into membership levels with flexible payment options. You also get access to every Mixing With Mike episode and the Plugin Academy.


One-on-One Private Instruction

Private instruction is the most powerful way to improve your mixing and mastering skills. Lessons are purchased a la carte or packaged into a private course designed specifically for you.


Use Any DAW

Every mixing and mastering technique taught in my courses will work in any modern DAW. Work with your favorite DAW and learn how to adapt decades old professional mixing and mastering techniques into a modern workflow.

Learn Modern Mixing Techniques

Every new technology brings new possibilities for processing and shaping sound. Learn the latest plugins demonstrated in practical application, as well as the techniques that are shaping the trends in modern music production.

Let The Mixing Begin!

The art of mixing and mastering is not just learning the technical skills, but also learning how to listen and what to listen for.


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