Live online classes that feature mixing and mastering demonstrations, plugin tutorials, mixing tips and career building advice. Tune in and learn the art of mixing and mastering from a 33 year professional engineer!

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When I looked back on my career, and reflected all the amazing artists and experiences I had as a professional, I also realized that very few people would ever be able to take the same path. The music industry of today is completely different from the one I grew up in. Most of the top engineers in the world own and operate their own studios leaving the mentoring process limited to a very select few who get to work with them.

Mixing With Mike was designed to fill that void by offering a window into the world of professional mixing. The art of mixing and mastering is not a litany of 5 minute mixing tips, it's a steady diet of attentive experience, learning, and practicing over and over again. Mixing With Mike live classes are completely organic mixing and mastering experiences. Nothing is ever rehearsed, preprepared or touched up between classes. Every problem is addressed exactly as it comes up in the natural process of mixing. Exactly as it is in the real world.

It is my hope that you will join me in these experiences so that you can learn, step-by-step, mix by mix, the art of mixing and mastering!

Pro Mixing Demonstrations

Complete professional mixes demonstrated from start to finish with each and every step explained along the way. Each mix is in a different style of music showcasing a process that works regardless of style. There are currently 12 mixes including Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B EDM, Punk, and many others...

New Plugin Tutorials

Stay in touch with the latest software releases and watch professional demonstrations in real time. Demonstrations will cover the history, conceptual design and best applications of the software. Strengths and weaknesses will be discussed to determine its value.

Ask Questions in Real Time

Attend the live classes and participate in the process by asking questions that will be answered directly by me. I cannot guarantee that every question will be answered, but I will address all questions that are directly related to the techniques being demonstrated.

Access the Archives

To date there are almost 300 two-hour episodes of Mixing With Mike. Every episode has been carefully curated so that you can quickly access 12 complete pro mix demonstrations, over 400 plugin tutorials, Mixing Tips, Career Advice and 48 commercially released professional mixes reverse engineered


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  • The MWM Plugin Academy (100's of Tutorials)
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There is no cost or commitment to signing up and attending the live classes other than maintaining your subscription to the Mixing With Mike Newsletter. Classes are conducted via YouTube Live and will remain available for 1 week past the live broadcast. 

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